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Low-growing, carpeting GroundCovering Sedums to help beat the weeds, Creeping Sedums that root as they travel, evergreen Rambling Sedums that smother weeds and travel much further, Splash Sedums full of colourful leaves and flowers and taller SuperStar Sedums for that extra garden-Wow each Autumnl


BlueBubbles, GoldAcreMossGroundBerry,  Baby Spruce,   and RedHead are ‘evergreen’  keeping leaves all year long looking great through winter when their bold colours shine through even the greyest of days.  These are excellent ‘weed-beaters’ when established. 
SedumShacks low-growing, carpet sedums grow just 5-10cm high… slowly spreading and rooting as they grow.
A mass of star-like flowers over Summer delights any dull colourless areas and any stray pieces can be easily re-planted where needed.


RedCreeperGreenCreeper,and JesterCreeper are Deciduous (herbaceous) – they lose their leaves (but not stalks) after a busy time flowering up to Winter but they bounce back at Springtime with many colourful, succulent leaves… then they make tight, blushed buds up to  early summer, then the full glory of flowers from Summer into Autumn reminds us why Sedums are such fantastic, easy to care for, good value, colourful plants. More…


GreenHead Rambler, BlueSpruce Rambler and GoldenFlameSpruce Rambler grow taller (5-20cm in flower).  With sunshine yellow flowers and colourful, evergreen leaves that flush bronze-red in summer, these spread wider and grow quicker so give them room to ramble, or cut back a little each year to tame them, or re-plant stray pieces where needed.  Very useful in Hanging Baskets or tumbling over containers where fast growth is desired.  More…


Splash Sedums are deciduous – growing up to 30cm high and 50cm wide. They flower from Summer to Autumn then they wither and retreat back to their swollen roots to survive winter, bursting back with a massive SPLASH of chunky coloured leaves. 
These Hybrid Sedums are compact and flower early in strong bold colours.
Try our popular product 18 mixed splash plug plants –  SedumShacks old and new Splash Sedums with compact growth and luscious coloured flowers from early summer  into late Autumn. There’s our 8 different sedum plants to choose from-  Splash Sea , Splash Lime , Splash Plum-Dazzler , Splash Cola , Splash Apple, Splash K , Splash Atlantis, Splash Cherry each offering unique foliage and flowers. More...


SUPERSTAR SEDUMS are tall border varieties which provide late summer colour with their lovely evergreen foliage in a mixture of vibrant colours, topped by a pretty haze of star-shaped flowers. SEDUMSHACK grows and sells these in many shades of green, copper, dusky mauve, and dark purple leaves. Rooted into 2.5cm wide net-plugs, they can be planted almost anywhere in just a few seconds. They grow rapidly from Spring to Frosty Autumn. Their dried flower-heads add interest into Winter when left intact. In colder climates, they will die back to a rosette at ground level in winter. More…

SedumShack Sedums are hardy, robust, yet striking flowering succulent plants.  They are reliable, trusted plants in every garden location – on roofs, in walls, containers, baskets, between paving or gravelled areas. Don’t pamper them with feed or water and they reward you with lush leaf colours and fantastically rich flower colours. 
Easy to plant and look after – buy your hardy perennial succulents here in our SHOP

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Hardy garden sedum plugs in our nursery

Hardy garden succulents make a great border

Sedum Shack hardy garden succulents

Splash of colour from our hardy sedum succulents

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