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NOTE: SPLASH Sedum Plug plants are NOW supplied without flowers or stalks or big leaves – they are deciduous and have dropped this years old leaves and are sleeping until next Springtime. They have tight, compact buds peeking up out of the plugs and these will burst into growth next year – see picture. They can be planted over Winter and will have time to root and establish before next years show begins, so these easy-to-plant Splash Sedums are perfect for hassle-free planting in gravel, soil, walls, cracks or other small places . Roots are abundant , and new buds often erupt from the top and sides of these plugs.
LIME SPLASH SEDUM – has LIME coloured leaves edged with red … LimeSplash is a strong growing plant producing many basal branches each spring – flowering at the ends over summer – Summertime brings a profusion of deep-pink flowers lasting into Autumn, receding back underground over Winter – this erupts into Lime Green leaf colours at Springtime. Similar to the world famous ‘Lime Zinger’ , but ours is bigger and more floriferous, more compact and very tolerant of Winter cold / wet and even Summer heat / drought .

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Lime Splash Sedums erupt into LIME coloured leaves in Spring and by mid-Summer colourful buds and then striking coloured deep-pink flowers appear like a ‘splash’ of paint on your garden!
LimeSplash is a compact , brightly coloured Splash for your Garden. It’s a succulent ,herbaceous perennial up to 10cm in height, with creeping or trailing stems bearing rounded, bluntly toothed, red-edged leaves and terminal clusters of starry, electric-pink flowers smothering the plant below through to early autumn. At times the foliage is overwhelmed by flowers….
30cm spread each year, retreating back each winter (as these herbaceous perennials do!)..reliable and a strong grower …a sure winner in a rock garden, container, basket or front of border.

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