About Sedum Shack

SedumShack is a small, family run Succulent nursery which propagates sedums in small net plugs, we grow them in Northumberland far from the mouths of Vine Weevil Grubs, and you can buy sedum succulent plants in our Shop and at local Craft and Farmers markets.

These succulents are rooted  in a ‘plug’ which makes handling and planting easy and it provides everything needed to survive, establish and grow for many years – they are very hardy and are extremely easy plants to grow and care for.
They are dry-tolerant plants and they all flower over summertime. They add extra structural winter interest as their old flower heads often remain until spring. They are low-to-medium height plants – the trend with all garden plants is moving towards this shape and form and these are super-easy to care for…these sedums are ideal for lazy, absent or ‘otherwise busy’ gardeners and they need little extra water or feed to thrive. These succulents prefer good light on any well drained, poor soil.

Choose these Sedums because their fleshy succulent leaves and star-like flowers add Splashes of colour to extreme places like wall-cracks or dry-stone walls, Garden Borders, Rockeries, Living Walls, Green and Living Roofs, Gravel areas, Tubs and Containers or even Hanging Baskets…AND they are also frost-hardy so can they live for many years.

Gardeners often fail with young, small plants because of lack of moisture where it is needed…people forget, or have little time to water plants in warm, windy locations that dry out quickly (especially during summer) but forgetful-watering is a treat for these Sedums – they are the waterless future of small, tiny and miniature gardens , fairy gardens , on bright windowsills and in hot conservatories ,or even  beneath Bonsai Succulent trees.  Growing like weeds between pavement slabs, gravel and rocks they are aptly named stonecrop – no fuss, care-for-themselves plants.

How easy can gardening get?  Buy Succulent SedumShack Plants online –
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