Splash Sedums

These succulent plants are deciduous – growing 10-30cm high and 20-40 cm wide. They flower from Summer to autumn then fade and retreat back to their swollen roots to survive winter, bursting back with a massive SPLASH of steel-blue, lime green or  bronzed purple leaves each Spring following by interesting leaf colour changes , cute buds and lush , strong bold-coloured flowers.

However, they go to sleep over Winter , but we  fulfill orders  all year , so we feel we should try to show you …
A year in the life of a Splash Sedum
Spring (Mar-Apr-May)
New growth will slowly arise from the winter buds above the crown (above the roots). The roots drive this growth, hence the need for an established plant to be able to provide a full sized plant with many shoots.  Our plugs will be well rooted  from last year and may have numerous buds showing (and many more hidden inside). By May these buds will have started growing rapidly and they may be 5+cm long starting to form flowering buds

June plug plants will be fresh and tender, but by august many will be flowering, the stems will have hardened, lower leaves will have fallen and flower buds be showing, forming or flowering (depending on the variety)

Autumn (Sep-Oct-Nov)
The finest time for Superstars but as plugs they are looking tattered and worn. Growing these closely in trays with little air, and keeping as dry as possible always makes our plants look a little tired and brittle by september.  We probably will have cut these back to just a healthy, well rooted plug plant showing buds and this years stem bases left on to help protect next years buds in transit.

Winter (Dec-Jan-Feb)
These Perennial plants die back over the winter, emerging again in the spring as a tight clump of succulent leaves. Plugs supplied to you in Winter will show roots, and buds for the coming year.

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