Rambling Sedums

Rambling-sedums travel further than the groundcover and creeping sedums , Sedumshack sells GoldFlame Spruce, and Blue Spruce and Green head ramblers, all with stunning yellow flowers and weed smothering potential to get great value for money for repairing sedum roofs and filling hanging baskets and containers.

rambling sedums

Flowering yellow over summertime, reaching up to 20cm high above 10cm high foliage, these functional sedums cover ground, root as they travel and help to beat weeds. Ideal for revamping sedum roofs and blankets of sedums… chosen from many to be the best 3 plants for good value. Note, these are yellow flowerers and many of the Sedumshack creeping sedums  and splash sedums DO NOT flower yellow, instead mostly  in hues of white -pink-red – purple.  Therefore …we encourage mixing all of our sedums together for a multi-coloured show over Summertime.

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