Apple Splash XL plug

Apple Splash is a reliable , deciduous Sedum growing to 20cm high. It spreads slowly but surely sideways and tumbles over rockeries and containers. Bright Yellow Summer flowers above lime green, scalloped leaves … Flowers browning and leaves reddening into Autumn. Stems are orange and colourful. These very tough sedum plants from a cold, tough place ….kamtchatca. It wakes up in Spring later than other Sedums, and goes to sleep in Autumn sooner than most, but the flowering show is excellent over Summer. Called ‘Apple Splash’ because the fresh, apple coloured leaves are soon adorned with strikingly bright Yellow flowers.

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Splash Sedums erupt into leaf in Spring and by mid-Summer colourful buds and then striking coloured flowers appear like a ‘splash’ of paint on your garden! GoldSplash is a compact , Sun-Yellow coloured Splash of flowers above fresh-green , scallopped leaves.

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Dimensions 20 × 34 × 2.4 cm
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