15 Creeping Sedums Mixed

15 Creeping Sedums – (Phedimus). Semi evergreen succulents growing from Spring to Autumn and flowering over Summer
we supply 3 main SedumShack Creeping Sedum plants…
x10 RedCreeper  
10 are included because they are thin and sparser than shown in the images

x5 GreenCreeper

x5 JesterCreeper

Click on one for more details…

These are all frost hardy, and mix wonderfully with other evergreen , splash or superstar sedums.

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Creeping Sedums (Phedimus)

Mat forming low-growing herbaceous perennials grow to 5-10 cm high, with an eternal spread in ideal conditions.  Flowering early and mid-season (May-June) SedumShack grows and sells Creeping Sedums in shades of red, green and tricolour (Jester).
These (slowly) root from their stems as they travel.
In terms of vigour, the extent of spread after a few years will be in this order…Creeping Red, Creeping Jester, and the most vigorous of all…|Creeping Green Sedum
This previous paragraph is important – the greencreeper will romp through, and over…. and very slowly suffocate some of the other smaller groundcovering evergreen sedums. It will trample over them as it travels, similarly the other Ramblers will do this also. To a certain extent the red and jester creepers will by outcompeted by this strong growing green , and the jester too.
THE SOLUTION: position the Green and Jester Creepers further away and give them this room to grow into.
(For a full understanding of the spread of ALL our Sedums and Hylotelephiums see here…**to do soon**)
The leaves of these Creeping Sedums are colorful and vary between different cultivars and the season. They are thick, simple, succulent, alternate, and toothed towards their ends; they are about 2.5 cm in length. They often start as green, develop a red edge -this makes them a great plant to grow for early and late-season colour in the garden.

Blooms ( flowers ) are unpredictable from late spring through to late-summer. Large clustered flowers appear on cymes, 1.8-3cm, and star-like. They are usually colored pink, rose or red but sometimes cherry or cerise. They are noticeably eye-catching
Full sunlight is needed for best results but plants are fairly shade tolerant (especially the variegated Creeping Jester))
It prefers a hot, dry, sandy, poor soil, – a poor soil has little nutrition and should never be fed Nitrogenous fertiliser or the Sedum will grow long, leggy and dull in colour.
Like all Sedums – Creepers Do NOT tolerate excessive moisture so good drainage, or a raised planting site, is essential. Adding plenty of sandy gritty material helps. Crushed brick dust is best.
Attracts butterflies, Bees and other beneficial Insects into your garden space…and keeps them there!
Creeping Sedums are especially useful in areas that have always defied gardening and ,mowing of lawns – stoney slopes with compacted ,soil –  only usually good for an annual roundup of Glyphosate. Sedums can change this.

For a better effect plant SedumShack Creepers and Groundcoverers together to form an ever-changing tapestry of leaf and flower colours glowing through the seasons. If you have space add the Splash and SuperStars for an amazingly colourful, easy garden you will be proud of….and plant the green and jester creepers where they will have extra room to spread out.

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