Planting sedum plug plants

Planting Sedum plug plants
I hope you are excited to be holding your plug plants and ready to plant them…
Here’s some tips / basic rules…
DO plant sideways, vertically or squeezed to fit into crevices – ensure that the growth at the top of the plug is facing towards some light. Direct into gravel or inert material is fine, but they may suffer a little during drought over summer searching for water if very dry. However – they have evolved to survive extremes and growth will stop until moisture returns.
We suggest trying to plant into well-drained, low fertility soil. Ensure that any material (soil or mulch) is not going to fall back onto the tops of the plugs and steal their sunlight…just until they get going after a few weeks

DONT plant where the ground gets soggy or boggy, and more importantly dont submerge in rich, moist soil without adding a little grit/gravel/sand/other inert material to help these drought-tolerant succulents. They need to be on the dry side so never water them in open ground (only in containers is water infrequently required), and if planted in average garden soil never feed them either or growth will be rapid, lush, uncoloured and lacking flowers. The act of surviving harsh conditions makes Sedums look better and grow in a compact form.

Mulch with inert material is recommended now, or soon. Heres more on mulching sedums . The same material can be used to ‘treat’ the soil prior to planting by mixing up your rich border soil with sand/grit/ chips / etc…. to make less fertile and drain better. Good drainage ensures good aeration in the soil too which leads to many other favourable conditions for all plants to thrive in.

I hope that’s enough to help you plant your new garden buddies with confidence
contact us if you need any more help…
Jason and Andrea


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