BlueBubbles 8 plants

SEDUM Dasyphyllum

BlueBubbles 8 pack of plug plants.
This is our lowest growing sedum…ideal for minature gardens …bonsai or bright-windowsills.
It creates tight carpets of powdery bluish-green, tiny round leaves, which later sprouts star-shaped flowers.
In good health and when fed well it colours blue. Over harsher times (winter) its tiny leaves are coloured with pink. Summer flowers are an added bonus above this miniature sedum.

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Ground-covering , carpeting BlueBubbles x 8 plug plants
Tiny pale-blue/green leaves grow from very low growing Sedum. Our most compact plant that displays white/pink summer flowers. Amazing at filling cracks and tight spaces. Leaves change to blue-pink during sunny + dry conditions.
Excellent for tiny / micro gardens on a small scale.

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Dimensions 18 × 34 × 2.4 cm
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