MeteorStars Superstar Hylotelephium

MeteorStars Hylotelephium  is our low growing Hylotelephium with light green leaves and buds like broccoli , turning to rich neon Pink when open – forming colour contrasting heads of star flowers.
It grows to 20cm low and wide, forms dense thickets with age.
A compact, outstanding plant no garden , rockery , hanging basket or trough should be without.
Deciduous (no leaves over Winter).  Supplied as healthy, well-rooted 2.5cm net plugs. Supplied as young plug plants above the very well rooted net-plug. Ready to plant, anytime – see picture of this plug…3 or 4 shoots for the coming years growth

£ 2.30

Availability: 75 in stock

Sedum MeteorStars, Stonecrop , Ice Plant  , AGM Hylotelephium, Succulent Parden perennial, Sedum Hybrid.

This lovely Sedum (Hylotelephium) Spectabile hybrid produces dense, compact, pale buds and then many electric-pink flower heads, up to 6cm wide. We called this plant MeteorStars because it really does glow like a beacon from afar.

This fantastic Succulent perennial forms 20cm low  clumps of cabbage like foliage topped in Summertime with flower buds resembling light green Broccoli – it’s the best Succulent for modern gardeners, tolerant of much drought and wind because this one is so low growing and dense it doesn’t ‘flop’ like some Hylo’s do.

By October the fading flowers (inflorescences) will turn russet and will remain attractive over winter providing some additional interest and shelter for beneficial insects.
At a time when most plants have stopped blooming and look tired after late Summer this Sedum provides colour, form and contrast in gardens – especially gravel, roofs, containers and other difficult to grow in areas with light shade, poor soil or excess wind. Ensure good drainage and in a few years this will grow into an outstanding plant you will be proud of.
Available in our usual 2.5cm wide x  4cm high net plugs.
The price reflects top grade, very well rooted plugs with 3 or 4 growth buds for the coming season and,  probably ,many more hidden inside.

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