creeping sedums

 low growing , creeping , hardy , flowering sedums for your garden

Latin Name: Phedimus Spurius
SedumShacks range of Creeping Sedums  have red, green or tricolour leaves. Flowers range from white through to deep cherry red…they are mat-forming, low-growing herbaceous perennial succulents in heights of 2-15 cm, with an eternal spread in ideal conditions- it roots from its stem as it travels(creeps) …these have a slow-medium growth rate, branching sideways as they travel. Green is most vigorous and best value. Semi-deciduous over winter months, Spring releases a flush of leaf growth , stems extend into Summer then flowering takes them to Autumn. The older leaves often fall over winter allowing branches to form and further growth from the semi-dormant growing tips.
Very useful in mixed plantings and containers and baskets where the length of vigorous summer growth is useful. Often used on green roofs and other extensive areas for its reliability , flowering and growth habit.
There are many green leaved kinds, we have a few with different flower colours but above this our picking choice is a sturdy, healthy plug plant ….flowers unknown is how we sell these …but rest assured they are all good. In a few years we will be able to offer quantities of some lovely new green leaved phedimus hybrids bearing delicious large, strong coloured flowers….so watch this space next year…
Our green and white variegated phedimus are called jester – we pick these to sell when they have distinct tri-colours of green, pink and white. By autumn they look a little more green, but when Spring growth re-emerges it turns out much pinker and variegated. There is a ‘variegate’ version available from other sellers but these often have little , or no pink in  them because they have reverted, genetically, backward and the more vigorous, less tri-colour branches take over and muffle the special tri-colour growth. You get what you pay for, especially on ebay or from non-specific nurseries offering’any old sedums that grow big’.
Our red creeper is an improved version of Voodoo which we have cherished for many years. It has shinier leaves and is redder than the usual ‘
dragons blood‘, which we also sell in large xl plugs.

A year in the life of a Phedimus Creeper…
these pictures show an indication of the plug plant supplied – note that the plug supplied in Winter is smaller, cut back, and ready for Spring growth with many buds and some branches.
Spring. Feb – April.  We supply last-years well rooted plants with two or three stems rooted in the plug, showing roots beyond it. Sleeping through any  hard frosts these Phedimus Sedums suddenly wake up in May and grow lots for 6 whole months. 

creeping sedum - winter plug

Summer – April – September. Plenty of growth from the many sidebuds and the leading stem(s) will be getting long and large. Older stems may show hair roots up the main stems. Younger stems are fragile, but will soon toughen and grow given some space in a nice garden. Flowering from the biggest stem is quite possible, but not guaranteed this year. April plants will be short and stocky, june plants will be 5-10cm long and august or september plants may be 10-15cm long, and they may have flowers or buds summer

summer green creeper

summer red creeper

Autumn – September -November
The Plug contains a  sturdy, well rooted plant capable of surviving winter. Abundant , low branches and tiny buds up the stems. At least 6 months old and , tho ‘they may not be big, they have huge potential to do great things in your garden. We sometimes supply huge plants(15cm long) in september, if packing allows, but prefer to supply just ‘big’ ones(10cm long capable of travelling. By October the plugs will start to be shortened, a stem at a time, leaving some buds to grow out next year and by november they will be cut back to their winter state  encouraging formation of many sidebuds on the stems.
Winter -November – Feb

*creeping sedum - winter plug

Always well rooted, often 9 months + old and sturdy little mini plants with 2 or 3 stems holding many little buds over winter. Capable of sitting beneath snow for a few months. ready for spring growth after a rise in temperature..- 10cm up to 20 cm long,

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