Creeper and Rambler Sedums

Creeper and Rambler Sedums Grow your Sedums close together for that WoW factor – the leaves contrast texture and colours for year long interest. These are Petrosedum and Phedimus, new names for ‘further classified’ sedums. Summertime brings a new dimension to these great plants when they grow fresh buds which open to reveal red, pink, …

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Hanging Basket Sedums

Sedums survive with little extra care so are the ideal choice for forgetful, busy waterers… Q – Tired of watering your Hanging Basket ? – only to lose it to drought on a busy, hot, August day each year and then wish it wasnt there??? You wont be the first to stare embarassingly at an …

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A wall …but not as we know it!

Living wall sedums This retaining wall was planted with 180 sedum plugs in june. They were watered in with some liquid feed . Planting was difficult, but worth the effort and soon it will be covered with leaves and flowers…(see later BLOG updates) living wall sedums Recently planted, this is an ideal space to show …

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