Sedum succulent projects ideas and hacks

Where to grow sedums?

Garden Sedums can be used in many locations where few other plants survive due to extreme drought or hard-frosts freezing thin substrate.

bike sheds or roofs ,

2nd year sedums in bird bath
sedums in small pots
garden wall roof sedums hylotelephiums
sedums in hanging basket
fairy garden sedums
hylotelephiums sedums garden wall
sedums growing in a shallow wall gutter
cat sedums
cat bowl sedums
sedum lanscape
sedum box

CLICK HERE to view a customers sedum green roof  project

april green roof
sedum roof april 22, 2021
sedum store shed
green sedum roof july
green sedum roof
green sedum roof in august

This is the result of a customers DIY shed roof  using sedums to soften the view for everyone

shed sedum
sedum roof

the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.
Governed by the simple rule that Sedums are survivors and suffer only when really dry …at least you get an extra chance to add a little water to your extreme planting …you’ll be surprised to see them bounce back up with a little drink

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