Creeping Sedums

Latin Name: Phedimus Spurius
SedumShacks range of Creeping Sedums¬† have red, green or tricolour leaves. Flowers range from white through to deep cherry red…they are mat-forming, low-growing herbaceous perennial succulents in heights of 2-15 cm, with an eternal spread in ideal conditions- it roots from its stem as it travels(creeps) …these have a slow-medium growth rate, branching sideways as they travel. Green is most vigorous and best value. Semi-deciduous over winter months, Spring releases a flush of leaf growth , stems extend into Summer then flowering takes them to Autumn. The older leaves often fall over winter allowing branches to form and further growth from the semi-dormant growing tips.
Very useful in mixed plantings and containers and baskets where the length of vigorous summer growth is useful.

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