how many sedum plants do i need?

how many plants are needed …

This answer depends on the plants used …as a very rough guide…
We suggest 64 per metre for 1 year coverage (8x 8)
We suggest 49 per metre for 2 year coverage (7 x 7)

We suggest 36 per metre for 3 year coverage (6x 6)

However, this number also depends on whether they are evergreen or deciduous – i.e. the variety.

Evergreen plants range from tiny-leaved, close up,  compact plants (like blue bubbles) that may need 150 per metre for instant coverage …down to just 25 per metre for the more vigorous , larger kinds (spruces)…. so consider this also into the equation ……we group the vigour( ground covering ability ) like this ….
First listed are the slower growing, smaller plants needing a denser planting to achieve coverage….
Blue bubbles,
Greenhead rambler
BlueSpruce rambler
GoldSpruce rambler
These are all evergreen and flower in a mix of whites, soft pinks or yellows over summertime. For a ‘viewed from close up’ location these are all we recommend…-

We sell a popular 36 plant mixed selection to include the splash and superstar plants, but stay low if you truly want 12 month evergreen.

Our Splash and Superstar sedums need much more room –  and need a ‘big handful size’ area to live in…. but not allowing anything else to share this space because they shade the ground below. Great for larger areas , not for tight spaces unless they can be planted at the sides to grow away and over the edge. If this is wanted then some splash Sedums will add super super summer colours.

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