Hanging Basket Sedums

Sedums survive with little extra care so are the ideal choice for forgetful, busy waterers…

Q – Tired of watering your Hanging Basket ? – only to lose it to drought on a busy, hot, August day each year and then wish it wasnt there???
You wont be the first to stare embarassingly at an expensive basket of dried out, dead plants.
Sedums thrive in superdry locations, and they grow bigger, better and bolder each year. ‘A free basket next year, and the year after, and so on…. I LIKE THAT !’ 
So don’t dispair..pull out those pathetic putunias, lose the lifeless lobelia, flick away those forlorn fuscias and replace them all with Sedums that will not just survive – they will thrive in your Hanging Basket for years to come….looking great over winter…they will astound you over summer –   we are sure you will agree after a few years…

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