Winter care of Hylotelephium and Sedum

Autumn-Winter Care of Sedums
Low growing, evergreen , groundcover Sedums only need light pruning (cutting back) if they have outgrown their space.
Plan ahead and remove a little more than needed to start next year tidy and ready to flower…these often form at the Stem ends so this ‘maintenance’ is recommended for better flowering and growth next year.
The cold temperatures will halt growth and the short days will delay flowering so little will happen until Springtime …enjoy these plants for their changing colours over the dull dark days.
Hylotelephiums – our SPLASH Sedums and our SUPERSTAR Sedums will now have halted growth and flowering. Colours will be fading and stems may be flopping.  Tidy up, but leave some healthy stems in place…
They will eventually recede back to  ground-level rosettes but for protection it is best to leave these through winter – they are attractive coated with frost and serve to protect the crown from physical damage until Spring.
sedumfloweringtallSedums are tough , and most can survive a cold, long winter of frosts and snow …but recent introductions to your garden may fail to reappear. Newer plants, especially the hybrids, are not Garden tested and may be fussy unless given perfect growing conditions.
Come back next month to discover the Perfect conditions to grow sedums in…

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