Creeping Jester Sedum XL 8 plants

Sedum Spurium ‘ Creeping Jester’ … super tricoloured green-white-pink leaves on creeping stems growing from spring to Autumn ….mid-summer provides a lush display of pink starry flowers at the ends of the main branches. A very popular Sedum….often called Phedimus Spurius by those more interested in names than plants!

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Creeping Jester Sedum
Sedum (Phedimus) spurium is a mat forming low-growing carpeting herbaceous semi-evergreen succulent perennial that ranges in height from 7.5–15 cm, and has a spread of 40–60 cm more in ideal conditions. It has a slow to medium growth rate but it roots from its stem as it travels. The leaves of Sedum are colorful and vary between different cultivars and the season. They are thick, simple, succulent, alternate, and toothed towards their ends; they are about 2.5 cm in length. They often start as green, develop a red edge, and become fully filled with red, burgundy or bronze colors in autumn and winter. This makes them a great plant to grow for late-season colour in the garden.Plants blooms are infrequent from late spring through to mid-summer (sometime late summer). Clustered flowers appear on cymes, 1.8-3cm, and star-like. They are usually colored rose or red but sometimes cherry or cerise.Full sunlight for best results but plants are fairly shade tolerant.Sedum spurium prefers a hot, dry, sandy, poor soil. Does not tolerate excessive moisture so good drainage is essential. Attracts butterflies, Bees and other beneficial Insects. Similar to our other creepers – green creeper, blue creeper and red creeper.

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