winter sedum

Winter care of sedums

Winter is here and deciduous sedums have been frosted by weather and should now be just tight buds above the roots.
Try to clear away leaves and garden debris, especially mushy leaves that may cause future problems to the plant below. Do this monthly if you can.
I never recommend adding a compost or bark mulch…
I think if you must add anything then add inert matter such as sand or grit to help protect the delicate buds until they emerge into spring growth. Inert material discourages slugs, snails and  even vine weevil , .compost invites and harbours pests and will provide shelter and food for pest and diseases.
Sedums prefer less fertile, low humus,  well drained ground to grow in.
Evergreen sedums  really do benefit from a little tidy away regularly. One innocent old oak leaf may sit atop your mini display of carpeting succulents and after 3 months it has stolen light, reduced airflow and dropped fungal spores…things will be less than perfect next year so if you can …tidy all debris away from your sedums regularly.
Spring is just around the corner and we have some exciting times ahead with our product range increasing so check in again soon to see…


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