Sedum Shack Propagation

Hardy garden sedum plugs in our nursery

Sedumshack - Sedum propagation

Sedums sold by SedumShack usually are one-in-a-million plants selected for their superior traits.

They are vegetatively propagated (cloned) into small net-plugs.
I have spent a lifetime understanding and perfecting the process of sedum propagation… so i am not going to share these trade secretes here, sorry!
But i will describe the product and how it became a sellable plug without divulging specifics.
These sedums are rooted in Jiffy 25mm wide plugs…they are 3-4cm high…the’ net’ is Bio-degradable.
Roots are showing and the plug is well rooted (at least 6 months rooting time).
The plant itself will, where appropriate, be ‘pinched'(cut) back to encourage branching and compactness -these are not single stems rooted last month like you get off ebay, i wouldn’t charge for a half grown plug plant and then write you must grow these on further or risk failure ….i give these away as free extras! The splash and Superstar Hylotelephium (Sedum) often have buds growing from the siders as well as the top.
SedumShack Sedums are ready to plant outside upon receipt, regardless of the time of year….if you can make a hole…gently push it in.
These have been ‘hardened’ by allowing inclement weather and prolonged drought to toughen them up in anticipation of an even tougher time somewhere else. 

Plugs bought between December and May have been Vernalised (winter toughened) so the quality will be better, but the price will be higher too.

Plugs Supplied from June until December will not have gone through winter Vernalisation, so will be less rooted but cheaper as a result of 6 months less care. They were propagated in December and sales of these begin in June after 6 months of rooting. These will continue to grow The Splash and SuperStars will not flower quite  as well this year…they prefer a period of Cold, and a years rooting time, to flower much better. Alas…you must pay more for more…
Prices will be adjusted here in this website in our SHOP as the Seasons progress…they’ll be cheaper in June, and more expensive (only slightly) in November  and even more so in February, for example.

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