SuperStar Sedums 14 plants

Sedum Telephium and SedumSpectabile and the many crosses in between…in many colours , shapes, leaf forms, heights, widths, and flowering times….there’s hundreds of fantastic flowering border Sedums and we have most of them at SedumShack.
Buy 14 small plants, well rooted in small plugs to make planting easy…enjoy some of natures finest flowering plants in your garden for many years – these plants are almost indestructible and need just a sunny, ‘not-wet’ location with poor, thin soil.  Yes…they dislike pampering…and where the water doesn’t go…the weeds don’t grow….so these succulents hold their own and succeed in most gardens…rewarding you each Autumn with wonderful , colour changing flowers that stand into winter and look great, even under snowand ice!!!
Includes 7 x Mini-Joy AND 7 x Mixed , (unnamed).

NOTE: SUPERSTAR Sedum Plug plants are NOW supplied without flowers or stalks or big leaves – they are deciduous and have dropped this years old leaves and are sleeping until Springtime. They have tight, compact buds peeking up out of the plugs and these will burst into growth next year. They can be planted over Winter and will have time to root and establish before next years show begins, so these easy-to-plant SuperStar Sedums are perfect for hassle-free planting in gravel, soil, walls, cracks or other small, difficult places . Roots are abundant , and new buds often erupt from the top and sides of these plugs. Wind will not be a problem for these Winter planted plug plants (sometimes newly planted, leafier plants are blown out of walls or containers in summer winds).


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14 SuperStar Sedum plug plants , this pack is TWO x 7 packs of SuperStar Sedum

– this is simply 2 x 7 SuperStar sedum packs
Includes 6 Mini-Joy and 8 others in mixed colours of leaf and flower

Heights from 15-50cm,
Hardy, deciduous perennials.

Some further points about these SUPERSTAR SEDUMS.
From october-march these are dormant roots + buds in plugs . The bud becomes a shoot which grows taller and larger…and then it flowers (aug-oct). Therefore the time of year determines the size and state of your plug plants. Due to the nature of their deciduous growth these plugs are supplied from april-june as rooted, unstopped cuttings up to 9cm tall.From june-sep they will be too tall to post so height will be reduced to just 9cm of top growth (the tip having been taken off to shorten it). This may reduce flowering this year, it will divert growth into roots to create a branched, bushier, more established plant next yea

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 2.5 cm
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