GroundBerry 8 plants

Sedum Album Groundberry

Ground-covering , carpeting GroundBerry x 8 plug plants
2 different kinds will be included unless you specifically want the big-berry, (s.athoum) or the smaller, greener coral-berry

– you must tell us by message before despatch if you want to choose.

£ 9.95

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Sedum Album Groundberry

Groundberry – heres 3 or more different kinds supplied to you as plug plants in this 8 pack, our choice of plants with big, small and coloured leaves. Aka GroundGrapes ………imagination essential!
These are good groundcoverers …very good value for money.
These will outcompete most of our carpeting sedums…
What they excell at is being a great base layer for green roof and extreme plantings.
This base layer provides stability and will share space with other sedums well being low growing.

Pieces of this plant root easily,
Contact us for availability of a big  box of cuttings (1.8kg) for DIY projects…

youll get helpfull advice and tipsGround-covering , carpeting GroundBerry

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 34 × 2.4 cm
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