GoldAcre 8 plants

Ground-covering , GoldAcre Sedum x 8 plug plants. This variety forms a low carpet of  tiny overlapping, triangular yellow leaves tipped lighter yellow,( almost golden in Spring) that spread to form a 7cm high mound which enlarges with time. Vivid yellow summer flowers. Grows everywhere except wet places.
Alternative Name / ommon name – . Golden Stonecrop
Sedum Acre ‘Aureum’ is a dazzling form of this British species.

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Gold-Acre …Ground-covering , weed-beating, mat-forming,  carpeting GoldAcre Sedum
Produces tiny starry bright-yellow star flowers during summer on second year growth tips above these light green, almost glowing-yellow mounds up to 10cm high.
Common Name: Golden Moss, golden queen, golden carpet, GoldAcre, GoldenAcre, Golden Stonecrop, Mossy stonecrop, goldmoss sedum, biting stonecrop and wallpepper.

If you’re looking for a very low maintenance, durable groundcover for sunny, dry areas, this is it…
It forms a low, tight clump of bright yellow evergreen foliage. Flowers are an even more vivid golden yellow. Simple to plant these compact net-plugs …almost anywhere!
Low height, Medium Vigour, Evergreen ( actually EverYellow !!!)

This is a very tough little plant …these are terrific low-maintenance plants that always look their best, especially grown alongside our larger Splash and Superstar Sedums (Hylotelephiums).
NOTE: This looks, to the untrained eye, like the common stonecrop …it is not – leaves are less green and the growing tips are almost white. Growth is tight with much basal branching. Flowering is more profuse than the common species type.

ALSO available singly in XL plug size for larger, more established plug plants

Low growing, green foliage with golden-white tips in spring and yellow flowers in summer.
Ideal Conditions: Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.
Location – sunny and well drained, this Sedum help to make very low maintenance bowls or raised beds to enjoy through the year.


Habit:Clump Forming

Height x Spread / Trail: 5 x 30 cm

Features: Attracts Wildlife, Evergreen

Typical Season:

Summer flowers, Year long leaf colour

Foliage Colour: lime green, but spring tips are yellow, almost white

Flowering Time:June – July, Flower Colour: very yellow

Temperature Tolerance: A hardy plant tolerant of icy wind chill and extended snow cover.
Another super plant from SEDUMSHACK

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