groundcovering sedums

Groundcovering sedums

Groundcovering, carpeting, low growing sedums

These evergreen sedums look great through winter.
They hold their leaves all year long and spread and root as they grow with masses of starry Summer flowers.
These excellent ‘weed-beaters’ grow up to 10cm high and are low-growing, carpeting plants.


Sedum dasyphyllum is commonly known as Corsican stonecrop.
It has thick-leaves and is a low-growing succulent flowering plant of the genus Sedum in the family Crassulaceae.

bonsai sedum


This is a succulent, mat-forming, evergreen perennial which grows  to about 5cm tall. The overlapping, triangular leaves are light yellow-green, pale yellow at the shoot tips. The bright yellow, star-shaped flowers appear throughout the summer.

biting stonecrop


Also known as Tasteless Stonecrop, it is a beautiful succulent perennial evergreen plant of the genus Sedum.
It is similar to Sedum acre but has shorter and denser leaves with stunning bright yellow flowers from early-mid summer. 

goldonmoss sedum


This carpeting Sedum is the white flowered stonecrop and is a succulent plant of the genus Sedum in the family Crassulaceae.
It is found, often growing in crevices, or free-draining rocky soil, in the northern temperate regions of the world, .
It is a long-day plant which grows vegetatively for most of the year and flowers in summer.
Groundberry will outlive most other sedums growing in green roofs, living roofs, walls or sedum roofs.

carpeting sedum


Sedum Spathulatifolium ‘Purpureum’ is a mat-forming evergreen perennial to 10cm in height, with fleshy reddish-purple leaves 1-2cm in length, the inner ones bloomed white. Flowers bright yellow, in small, flattish terminal clusters. Low growing, evergreen, slowly expanding and a real stunner! Midsummer flowers

redhead sedum ...a fantastic plant for indoors or out

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