The main advantages of green roof sedum plants are:

High water retention – Green roofs act as a storm management device by retaining rain water. This reduces the surface runoff of rainwater, thus easing the pressure on our drains.
Improved biodiversity and ecology – Green roofs provide a habitat for birds, insects and wildlife to flourish.
Improved insulation – Green roofs moderate and minimise temperature variations within the building, so that in the summer they have a cooling effect.
Significantly reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect – Plants on green surfaces absorb heat and then use it through evapotranspiration. Green roofs therefore cool and humidify the surrounding air.
Improve air quality – Green roofs take up CO2 and filter dust and pollutants from the air and rainwater that they hold. Resulting in improved rainwater runoff, as well as improving the air that we breathe.
Extended roof life – Green roofs protect the waterproofing of the roof against UV and weather damage so that the life expectancy of the waterproofing is increased.
Improved Sound Insulation
Little maintenance needed and they are nicer to look at than most hard surfaces.

Are these SedumShack Sedums suitable for Green-Roofs?
YES – these are low growing, spreading or taller growing sedums with colourful interesting foliage and lovely mounds of knockout flower power.
Sold as Sedum plugs in bio-degradable nets, they are the ideal way to repair existing green roofs that ‘went bad’ , AND to improve existing ,bare and patchy  dull-green and brown coloured roofs with flowering Sedums that grow taller, more colourful butterfly and bee attracting flowers in shades of pink, cerise and red.
Most green roofs are covered in seed raised plants. Our plants are not – they are clones of ‘one-in-a-million’ sedums proven over the decades to be much better than the other 999,999 sedums that were not chosen.

If you pay peanuts then you get monkeys , as the saying goes!
Contact us for wholesale quotes and special prices of ‘overgrown plugs’ or go to our SHOP for mixed packs or 7 packs of our Sedums.
SedumShack do not install Green roofs but can recommend

Our Sedums are not ‘farmers field sedums’ which are cheap and unimpressive. Those are grown from seed like a  farmers field crop – but the chance of getting plants like ours are one-in-a-million! They grow them in trays, on sheets and in ground like turf – grown by the acre they can be cheap and this is what ‘joe-the-builder’ buys because it is cheap and covers a sizeable area. They know no different, you cant blame them – they are builders – ‘destroyers of all things green’ in my experience and its unlikely that they looked deep into this world of quality Sedums for Green Roofs.

I ask you – whats the point? If you want a green roof then that stuff is fine – it will be dull and lifeless, and GREEN!
Builders spend 96% of their green roof budget on hardware and just 4% of the spend on plants….
That is why most UK Green Roofs look like rubbish (has been thrown on them)!

If you want an amazing show of flowers above compact, pest and disease resistant strains then you must pay more for these to be kept as nursery stock, propagated, nurtured,  handled and sold individually.

I can recommend some good green roof companies if you want their ‘cheap’ products – but they often grow wild up on the moors in dry-stone walls. I can also recommend seed sellers, if you want that kind of quality sacrifice in return for lots, and lots, of average/poor plants.  Just ask, my help is free, as are most green roof sedums, but quality plants cost a little more! 

I found a good guide for DIY green roofers who have some building skills and wish to create their own …heres some good do’s and don’ts, as well as some great info and pictures … . Theres also a GRO code for further information there,

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