Fairy Garden Plants

Our Sedums are ideal for Fairy Gardens ….and theres some plants suitable for micro and mini gardens… ivy, euonymus japonicus and lysimachia nummularia rooted in small 25mm wide plugs ready for planting indoors in terrariums or outdoors (all are frost hardy garden perennials). 

Ivy comes in many many different leaf forms ….we supply a nice range in the 7 plug ivy selection and its fantastic to grow in a shady area with access to some moisture….  Shop here

Euonymus is a great hardy shrub , an this one is no exception and probably the best – E.Japonicus has tiny evergreen leaves and is the modern day replacement for box (buxus) which is plagued by box blight and is being replaced with this and similar E.Japonicus.
We grow and supply two variegated forms only – the white and green ,    and the yellow and green leaf variety….   shop here

Lysimachia Nummularia ‘Aurea’ (golden creeping jenny) first impressed me decades ago when i included it into many hanging basket displays and it held its own amongst other strong growers like petunias and verbenas. To my surprise it grew well, and survived the winter into next year. Then i realised that it was indeed a hardy garden plant, capable of being aggressively cut back to re-freshen growth. It flowers a super strong yellow colour too in summer, and it  slowly creeps and roots – so its a sure winner in tiny gardens and always looks glowing and fresh…   Shop here

SedumShack has a range of Coniferous Trees …grown in a bonsai style to make them short and squat.

fairy garden sedums

They have been regularly pruned above and sideways to encourage branching and many more shorter, thicker roots. They are growing in the ground and will grow for many more years to come …which is handy because they are far from brilliant and need some years more to look fantastic.
Coming soon…
Firs and Pines and other rare conifers grow very slowly…buy yourself a few years headstart with this choice selection of branching, low growing forms…available in our SHOP soon

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