Sedums in Action

Sedum plug plants soon grow into larger, flowering plants with care and time.
Heres some projects to try with our sedums and hylotelephiums  in garden or wall.

This standard house gutter is fixed to the wall with just two screws. it needs little watering and flowers from april to october. Just a little tidy up each winter is all it needs to wake up  for spring. It is mostly evergreen through winter…the SuperStars take it to another level each Summer with their lush leaves, taller growth and glorious flowers. Use sedums hylotelephiums for garden or wall planting.

Hanging Baskets - waterless and enjoy more.

Sedums survive with little else added so are the ideal choice for forgetful or busy gardeners...

Q – Tired of watering your Hanging Basket? – only to lose it to drought on a busy, hot August day each year and then wish it wasn’t there for the next month ? 
You wont be the first to be a custodian of an expensive hanging-basket of dried out, dead plants.
Sedums thrive in dry locations, and they grow bigger, better and bolder each year.
‘A free basket next year sounds good , doesn’t it? 
So don’t despair..pull out those pathetic petunias, lose the lifeless lobelia, flick away those forlorn fuchsias and replace them all with Sedums that will not just survive – they will thrive in YOUR Hanging Basket for years to come….looking great over winter…they will astound you over summer –   
we are sure you will agree after a few years.

The best sedums & hylotelephiums for garden, roof or wall

Grow your Sedums close together for that WoW factor – the leaves contrast texture and colours for year long interest.
Over time they will meet and merge creating a much better carpet of colour from leaf and flower.
Summertime brings a new dimension to these great plants when they grow fresh flower buds which open to reveal red, pink, purple, yellow , crimson or white in starry shapes on tiny stalks that rise just above the carpet of leaves. When this ‘umbrella’ of flowering is over the pleasing russet coloured remains wither and blow away after winter – no dead-heading is needed…nature uses it, and then the chaff blows away…

garden wall sedums hylotelephiums

sedum succulent hylotelephiums

hylotelephiums garden wall sedums

Rambling GoldFlame Spruce - a carpet of gold and yellow

Goldflame Spruce is a carpeting Sedum that covers ground and beats weeds. It is an eye-catching sea of yellow flowers Buzzing with Bees and fluttering Butterflies over Summertime. These hylotelephiums or sedums make a lovely display in your garden or wall.

A video about Sedum Shack and hardy sedums and succulents plants is coming SOON, in the meantime check out our Instagram page or find us on Facebook.

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