Sedums in plugs x240

Sedum Plug Plants

240 evergreen sedum groundcovering and rambling plugs, 5 or more kinds …’wonky quality and surplus plants ….great value for roofs, walls and larger areas. Includes 5 evergreens and 1 semi-evergreen (Creeping Green Sedum) plus  a few other surprises.
A nice mix of plugs that are ‘slight seconds’ but NOT dying or diseased plants…. they are misshapen, surplus, or abundant at our sedum nursery.

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240 x plug rooted sedum (net around roots)
Plugs are 2.5cm wide, 4cm high, peat/coir netted with slow release nutrients.
Plants are well established and probably slightly overgrown/wonky. Never dying , just misshaped.

This is a mixture of  different plant varieties of evergreens of these kind – GoldFlame Spruce , Blue Spruce , GoldonMoss

and Groundberry and Greenhead rambler

Creeping Green Sedum
..which is our boldest, most vigorous semi-deciduous creeper flowering over Summer,and lying semi-dormant over the duller winter months. This covers ground well and adds a lush green colour to your garden from spring to autumn.

These are our most popular and most reliable plants in an easy to plant small net plug bursting with compact little plants…

However, consider these as ‘wonky’ plugs and not just young immature, or dying plants – we aim to make beautifully balanced plug plants for our smaller quantity packs and often ..nature prevents this! Theres nothing really bad about these, just that they may be imbalanced, too long, a little leaf damaged or …..we have a surplus of some and they are fantastic and worth much more than we are asking….its a nice mix of all of these scenarios….. our choice, no requests at this price…. we’ll ensure theres no dying or diseased plants …just great value at roughly half the normal plug prices

These sedum  plants in plugs are ideal for baskets, containers, tubs and open ground. However, this quantity will cover many many metres refilling holes in green roofs too so grab a wholesale bargain here while our plants are growing so quickly this june…
Delivered to Uk address only via Courier.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 16 cm


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