Sedum cuttings box 5-6kg

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5-6 kilograms of cuttings of
>Spruce rambling sedums (reflexum) in 3 kinds – gold, green and blue. All Summer flowering in sunshine yellows.
>Groundberry sedum (album)
>GoldonMoss sedum
>Creeping green sedum

these 6 kinds of sedum are mostly evergreen and are abundant at sedumshack. They are good plants, they grow well, and they are great on green roofs as a result.

Use these cuttings to insert into green roofs or gravelled areas, or as VERY cheap ways to fill  pots or containers like planters and baskets.
They are all of a random quality , all different and often with old bits and stalks as well as young fresh growth. Planting the small bits requires broadcasting …the bigger bits need inseeting upright.

Just add time and some warmth and some water …not too much of the latter needed.     avoid birds, high winds , heavy rain, and cats – these will dislodge the pieces a little but often no real damage occurs.


do ensure the planting medium is suitable – well drained, low fertility, aerated and that temps are over 5C, average.
Pieces begin to root immediately , most will be partly rooted within a month and after 3 months it will be rooted, or not(and dying).
(See individual plants in our shop for more details on habit and growth)

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 50 cm
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