RedHead XL plugs

Sedum spathulifolium Purpureum

Ground-covering , carpeting RedHead available singly here in larger than usual XL plugs nearly 5cm wide and high.
This very low growing sedum is fantastic – and  the yellow summer flowers above these coloured leaves are stunning.
This is the red-purple form, not the white one.
Supplied in XL plugs with central and sidebranching heads in each plug ready to plant out.

(see also our smaller normal 2.5 cm wide plugs in 8 packs – plugs with single heads and some small branches)

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Sedum spathulifolium ‘Purpureum

Ground-covering , carpeting RedHead  available singly in larger than usual XL plugs nearly 5cm wide and high.
A tough, hardy, evergreen well-behaved stonecrop species and an excellent edging or rock garden plant. It forms a low, slow spreading cushion of powdery, red/purple spoon shaped chunky leaves with strikingly bright yellow flowers over summer.
Eye-catching, even over winter. -an award winning plant for many good reasons..slow to cover ground but well worth the effort. The leaf colour often varies from silver to deep red depending on season , soil, aspect, moisture, etc…

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Dimensions 18 × 34 × 16 cm


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