Purple Splash 8 plants

NOTE: SPLASH Sedum Plug plants are NOW supplied without flowers or stalks or big leaves – they are deciduous and have dropped this years old leaves and are sleeping until next Springtime. They have tight, compact buds peeking up out of the plugs and these will burst into growth next year. They can be planted over Winter and will have time to root and establish before next years show begins, so these easy-to-plant Splash Sedums are perfect for hassle-free planting in gravel, soil, walls, cracks or other small places . Roots are abundant , and new buds often erupt from the top and sides of these plugs.
PurpleSplash . This needs more space than the cola and gold splash plants – but the flower and leaf colour will please from you summer into autumn…
8 well rooted little plug plants.. its a very vigorous plant which shoots sideways out of the plug it is so keen to grow!  Late summer red-flowers and blackened leaves make this a desireable sedum.

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Purple Splash

Splash Sedums erupt into leaf in Spring and by mid-Summer colourful buds and then striking coloured flowers appear like a ‘splash’ of paint on your garden!
Purple Splash is a aubergine/wine coloured leaf,becoming almost black in late summer ….covered in a cherry-red coloured Splash until frosts of Autumn. Striking red colour to the flower …it recedes each year for winter then bursts into new , aubergine coloured leaf growth over Spring
Flowers are stunning…this plant can spread up to a metre each year.

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Dimensions 20 × 34 × 2.4 cm
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