Moss sedum 8 plants

Sedum Sexangulare – Moss Sedum

Ground-covering , carpeting Moss Sedum Sexangulare. Usually rich, deep green in colour but often redder over wintertime.
Despite its small leaves this is vigorous and may grow 30cm wide each year. A super , no-traffic lawn substitute with striking yellow Summer flowers.
This grows to 5cm high , its a reliable evergreen alpine plant grown worldwide for its garden ‘skills’ !

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Ground-covering , carpeting Moss Sedum x 8 plug plants.
This variety forms a low carpet of small spiral-like green leaves that spread to form a thick patch.
Tiny bright-yellow star flowers appear in early summer.
Fast growing for a tiny evergreen succulent … bronze-green colour will develop over the winter.
Strong yellow midsummer flowers.
Forms a thick mat thats turns bronze over wintertime , true green coloured leaves over Summer.

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Dimensions 18 × 34 × 2.4 cm

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