Blue-Green-Gold Mixed Spruce BIG VALUE cuttings box

Sedum reflexum (rupestre) BLUE , GREEN and GOLD spruce cuttings in a box 30 x 20cm x 16high.
Box is about 200g weight, you get 800 g of cuttings –  300-400  finger shaped healthy   pieces for easy planting -these root within a month(spring to autumn) so its a very cheap way to spread the little pieces out and fill gaps and awkward places with an easy-to root on the surface sedum….
TO ROOT easily …simply poke a hole with a pen or pencil and drop the cutting in, no firming in needed- they root within a month so just stand them upright if possible.  Any fallers can be re-aligned or left – they will root laying sideways if forced to. For more reliable rooting ensure the substrate is healthy and well drained, adding sharp sand, grit, broken oyster shell, chick grit , or hard fired moler clay such as ‘kitty friend’ from petsrus. the larger 10-15kg bags offer much better value and can all be gotten online somewhere.

These sedums, (or ‘Petrosedums’) are  an evergreen, very hardy flowering succulent called Sedum rupestre and S. reflexum Also available in our sedumshack plug format (for easier planting) and in our super value clumps of gold and blue spruce  RAMBLERS.
Honestly ….we think these spruce sedums are the best way to cover ground, and have added interest with the super colours over winter …the golds turn fiery orange,   and the blues often turn purple tinted…
And after a healthy year the long, main ends will flower, but rarely the whole plant. Flowering often results in a tip that eventually dies back,  but there is little debris and these dont cause much of a problem, but we do recommend , every two years, clearing up debris by hand and adding a small amount of compost to help raise the ground level a millimetre or two to encourage better rooting of the ramblers over the years. see our page on mulching sedums for more on this (or type it into our search bar)

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900g grams of freshly cut Blue, Green and Gold MIXED Sedum reflexum Cuttings – about 4 to 6 cm long… no roots, compost or plugs. This is our good value, nearly 1KG box for larger areas.
Ideal for simply poking a pencil or pen down… then dropping one of these cuttings into the hole -either on a patchy green roof, or on thin soil or gravelled areas…these pieces will soon root after a few weeks…
If you have a garden sieve use it to add some  more compost/sand/grit/ small gravel from above to hold them down and aid rooting.
Rooting takes just weeks and they will be firmly anchored after a few months. These are Summer flowerers (very yellow)

Note: these are cut to order and placed into a large (16cm high x 25 x 35cm) box and posted with royal mail postman …so expect them on Thu/fri as i post on Tuesdays.

Weight .999 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 2.5 cm


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