JAH Bonsai Crassula Succulent Tree #3

This Crassula Ovata succulent thrives on neglect and the conditions that destroy ‘usual’ indoor bonsai.
It likes to dry out in hot bright places like conservatories and south-facing windowsills,
It tolerates living near hot radiators and stale air or draughts.
It’s a really robust succulent with starry, pink, scented flowers that glisten during winter and spring months when other plants are hibernating or barely surviving!
It’s at houseplant / conservatory plant that will live for many years…

It wont die if you forget to water it for a few months…this bonsai money tree store water in the leaves… when they wrinkle and shrink slightly its time to water again.  Don’t water during cold, winter months. Just keep it frost free. No special feeding is needed, just an once a summer hi-potash (flowering) plant feed (1:2:3) will suffice.

This indoor plant is different to other house plants and bonsai…..
Chunky, round, evergreen leaves make this a friend (not a spikey, arm-prickling enemy like a yucca) and it’s a popular feng shui plant too. It breathes out oxygen at night when other plants take it in (search for CAM to discover how and why) so it’s the perfect healthy air conditioner for bedrooms where oxygen is needed.

This is not a recently rooted branch with scars and wounds in the wrong place. It began life as a tiny cutting… after 5-7 years the trunk reached its desired height of 20-25cm. After that a quick prune each spring and autumn maintains a compact, balanced shape above this stocky, aged trunk with plenty of growing points above filling another 10cm with lush, evergreen leaves and starry flowers. This tree is almost 30 years old now.

This money tree is so easy to prune and grow it really is “Beginners Bonsai”.

It is now the ideal height if you want your tree to stay 45cm high (as shown in my larger tree picture, black background).

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Tree Three – Bonsai Crassula Ovata (3)
This Bonsai tree (#3) is older, the trunk is thicker and more aged so price is £49.50 , P+P delivered UK FREE.

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 44 × 34 × 15 cm
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