Dragonophora Seeds - 30 specials

30 selected seeds freshly harvested and delivered in protective packaging by royal mail, worldwide.
Sent with proof of posting by Royal Mail International Economy.
Price includes Worldwide Shipping..

£ 14.50


has a big, old collection of these rare Cacti – i hand pollinate to produce seeds from noticeably different looking plants to make my ‘specials’ seeds.
These are labelled and shown …and seeds will be collected from the parent plant(s) shown. There is a much higher chance of the seedlings being/looking like the parent..and a possibility of exact mini replicas of the parent…

Isolating these is time and effort consuming and prices are slightly higher than the mixed O.P. packs, but the freshness and quality of my seeds remains.
I do not store these for more than a month, i sow them if i dont sell them….hence the wide selection of plants available here as young and teenage plants.

Special Seed Packs are sold in 30 seed Quantity. Look at the images here of the parent plants in the image gallery… – note the Letter shown if you wish to buy those seeds from that parent…

To order these … order this one product and email/contact which exact pack you desire. You need to state which pack ..eg. pack C…. Its just me getting your order and packing these seeds so its not difficult to do this for you…. and i can update the availability real time. Alternatively, do this pre-order to reserve and confirm availability your seeds pre-order.
NOTE: Its Summer now and the seeds are in good supply, i have a regular supply of all of the above and, occasionally, will add more when available…

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 0.4 cm
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