Dragonophora Seeds - 200 mixed

200 O.P. seeds freshly harvested and delivered in protective packaging by royal mail, worldwide.
Sent with proof of posting by Royal Mail International Economy.
Price includes Worldwide Shipping..

£ 22.50

We have an extensive collection of these Cacti – ALL the varieties are used to open pollinate so the resulting seedlings could be any combination of form and flower possible. Fricii, Jourdaniana, A.V, Caespitosa…and many many 2nd and 3rd generation hybrids so weird and wonderful there are no exact I.d’s for many of them. Even the experts are perplexed by my forms (many of which were from the Decipiens Genetics – a plant so advanced that it has many more pollen grain apertures – its a polyploid and has amazingly fast strong growth and a genetic diversity second to none…)
So….these seeds are never stored for more than a month – i  sell them or sow them within the month to maintain freshness and good germination rates.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 0.4 cm
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