4 Dragons and free Dragonophora Cacti pack2

The next DRAGON PACK TWO contains slightly older, larger and more desireable rarities…So the cost is a little more …for£69.50, delivered, you get this special pack #2 containing 4 Dragons and these bonus plant gifts shown here…these ones are to be delivered…

Pack Two Dragonophora

4 rare polymer clay Dragons and these four cacti, free,  shown in these pictures , these will be without pots or soil – bare root.

Pack Two … £69.50 delivered worldwide.


£ 69.50

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These are sold in packs that include four Dragonophora plants in pack 2. What you see here are the plants you will receive FREE with your Dragon , Carefully prepared and packed, and Delivered …worldwide.
Clarity: These are included free with the purchase of your rare Alnwick Dragon, and the box will be identified and labelled as Polymer Clay Dragon.
Grown organically, slowly and with a large ladle of love ….these Cuddly Cacti are the coolest plants around, theyre rare too but not because they are hard to grow (they are easy to grow providing frost and extended darkness is avoided) . Keep between 5 and 40 C ,water only when warm over Spring<>Autumn. DRY over winter and as close to 25C, brightly lit, as can be given. These live for decades and are sought after, hence the high price. Join our group on FaceBook for help, advice and inspiraton.
International Customers beyond the UK will receive a box discreetly labelled ‘ POLYMER CLAY PLAY DRAGON ‘ to ensure a speedy, swift journey to you free of red tape and delays that may injure the plants. They are washed of compost and dried, – so bare-root plants are delivered internationally which also saves on postage weight enabling reasonable delivery charges to you. I have no idea what customs restrictions affect you in your homeland , my computer automatically prints a delivery note and i stick it on …so be aware of any import restrictions that may affect delivery of these free cacti because i will not be held responsible for any delivery delays. I send with tracking as far as possible. Even though i pay to track to your door some countries do not fulfill their end of the deal because they do not enter the tracking details as it – so i can only provide to you proof of posting and proof of tracking (and of course tracking details for you to follow it online)

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

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