Crassula / Sedum indoor plants x4

These plug plants are NOT frost hardy and prefer winter indoors. A perfect addition to and indoor succulent garden and even finer alongside a Bonsai Tree. Grow alone or mixed….they are evergreen and given a cool , bright location in dryish soil they will thrive with little attention.
Included in this pack is …

1 x S.Spathulifolium ‘RedHead’ purpureum in a xl 3.5cm plug – sometimes red/purple leaves – low growing rosettes with striking yellow flowers

1 x Crassula Pagoda with 2 plants per plug …gorgeous shape and leaf colour – slowly upright growing, occasional branching

1 x chocolate ball  sedum hakonense –  a tight almost mini spruce like branching , mound forming sedum

1 x sedum gold mound (s.mexicanum) in a 3.5cm xl plug – vivid yellow/gold mound forming spruce like succulent



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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 cm


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