Plugs not Weevil Grubs

PLUGS NOT WEEVIL GRUBS – avoid the dreaded Vine Weevil

We have bought many Sedum stock plants in pots from garden centres and homestores. Many were infested with vine weevil grubs…we spent hundreds of pounds on biological defenders and predators to defeat the vine weevil problem over the last ten years. Now we wash every single grain of compost away from any new plant bought and then repot….this is the only way to avoid Vine Weevils destroying your garden.

Don’t let the big shiny Garden Centre label or the massively over-sized pot they are grown in fool you …because there may be trouble ahead if you do…as Commercial Nurseries are told to use less chemicals the Vine Weevil has resurfaced as , possibly, the worst gardeners pest ever.
Buy SedumShack plants as young Plug-Plants to save money, but more importantly to not infect the rest of your garden plants.

These plugs are grown in a location far from the reaches and crawls of vine weevils to be sure the cycle is broken so YOU get clean, healthy plants.
Remember: Sedums do not need a big pot for their roots. Nothing good comes from including 3 litres of peat when planting these – they need loam and stone to survive, not decomposing peat bog! And priced at 10 or more pounds this is a very expensive shiney label indeed! Here you can get 10 plugs for that price from our SEDUMSHACK SHOP …you just need to add some …TIME !

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