JAHPoCL Treasure Huts


Creators of these magical, unique, handcrafted Treasure Huts

How the TREASURE HUT is made

Each has been skillfully formed around a sealable mini glass jar.
The designs vary from traditional mushrooms to little flower huts made from woodland flower designed canes.
All are made with different coloured clay which  has been mixed to create unusual colourways and effects.These are not handpainted items, but are made from individual coloured clays expertly hand mixed and moulded and layered  to create a unique’ picture’ on a jar, each one telling a different story.
It is finally ‘hardened’ and then varnished to produce a hard-wearing and durable product for all ages to cherish.

What can I use this Treasure Hut for

A Tooth-Fairy Jar, a Trinket jar for Jewellery or other small things. A  Herb or Salt Jar in the Kitchen and why not put one in  your  fairy or forest garden…add some Succulents from SEDUMSHACK to create a magical little place for everyone to enjoy.

It’s  a perfect present for a Christening, Birthday or Anniversary

How the Treasure Hut is sold and delivered

Childrens Gift ..Boxed complete with a tooth fairy letter and Dragon​

This is an ideal present for any child. Included in this package is a little fearless dragon which will protect anything in the jar.
Its a perfect gift to stimulate any childs imagination…one that should last a lifetime.

The little dragons are also handmade from polymer clay (wrapped around a glass marble). The sticker which is included means that you can add your own heartfelt personal message inside the roof. This makes it an ideal and unique gift for someone special. The Tooth Fairy letter, included, says these words…..
“Dear Tooth Fairy……
In this House
You will find…
A teeny , tiny Tooth of mine.
I placed it there for you to keep…
Please leave your Gift while I’m asleep….
Love from…”
This brings a smile to every child ….their youth is precious and these little things mean so much!

Presented in an organza bag ...with matching jewellery inside.

Also contains a sticker which allows you to write a personalised message and stick it inside the roof so that it can be seen each time it is opened.

A more slimline packaging for girls of all ages.

No tooth fairy letter or dragon is included in this item.

It will be sent bubble-wrapped and in a nice white box (shown above).

NEW DESIGN…A recent new addition of matching earrings and necklace have been added inside the jar. If you look carefully you will notice that the flowers on the roof are the same design as the flowers that you will wear as jewellery. A complete present and gift box for a friend, daughter or grand daughter.

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